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A Quick understanding of how Revudio works in 3 easy steps!



Building Customer Relationships



Capture Customer Feedback



Follow Up With Customers

Revudio's unique system allows business owners to capture reviews in real time, by engaging directly with their customers. Gathering reliable information is not only important but a pivotal aspect of maintaining proper business practices, and understanding how the customer feels about their products and services. Below are some of the benefits of Revudio and how it can help translate customer feedback into a more streamline process of remarketing to customers.

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  • System to remarket to loyal customers through email for future promotions and discounts.
  • Reconnect with customers for return business potential.
  • Gives credibility to business owners from legitimate ratings by real customers.
  • Personal business profile through Revudio with unique business information & user features.
  • Real time review banner or icon script on business owners website.
  • Unique way to engage customers personally through our system.
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