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Luxury Metals

Phone: 206-406-7346
E-mail: [email protected]
Business Since: 2007
Owner: Dave Brown
Services: We provide heavy duty copper, stainless steel and other metal vents for home improvement across the US and Canada.

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97% A
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100% A
Vince     07/16/2013
Review from: Montville, NJ
Hi Dave,Several years ago, we ordered several stainless steel vents from you for our new home…and they still look like the looked when they were new!We need another one of these vents. Great product.Thanks!
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100% A
Sam and Jan     07/16/2013
Review from: Fairburn, GA
Hello Dave,Installed the stainless roof cap – 8 inch (SSIV 8) today. Perfect fit. Nothing could compare with this high quality product at any of the local home improvement warehouses or other supply places. I tried them all.It has an excellent design, and hand made with pride by a metal craftsman.It replaced a tired, and leaky aluminum cap from our kitchen stove vent. Our house is a 1960's brick ranch. Might say a classic. Been in it since 1979.Would also like to complement you on the excellent manner how the cap was packed for shipping.Nice to know there is still good American quality around.
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100% A
Roy & Ann     05/03/2013
Review from: Whidbey Island, WA
Dave: Just thought I would follow up with a quick note. We received the 5 vents and they are beautifully executed. I will be having them installed in the next few days. I very much appreciate your help with this. I am sure we will receive lots of compliments from those with a discerning eye.regardsRoy & Ann
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100% A
Dr. Chuck Westfield     05/03/2013
Review from: New Jersey
Dave, bravo to you and the shop guys on the beautiful stainless barn vents! Once the word gets out, you may be doing alot more of these as people around the country will want them to restore their barns! Thanks so much, Dr. Chuck Westfield. p.s. By the way, this project is being filmed by PBS for a documentary pilot to be aired this fall, so there's a good chance your ventilators will be seen on public television!
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100% A
Don Masters     05/03/2013
Review from: Seattle WA
Dave, Thanks for being so good to me. I won't forget it and I will keep raving about your wind directional chimney cap and service and continue to give out your website to every fireplace store I visit and every person I run into that heats with wood.
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100% A
Stacy     05/03/2013
Review from: Harlingen, TX
Dave, i got all the vents. I like the quality also.I will consider your company in future ventures.thanks.
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100% A
Matt Malof     05/03/2013
Review from: Falls Church, VA
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, that speaks volumes about your company and your work ethic. I will place my order within the next several days. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.
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100% A
Richard     05/03/2013
Review from: Baltimore
The copper vents arrived safely. I am very impressed with the extremely high quality of the work, as well as the packing and shipping. Thanks so much.Best regards,Richard

About Us

Luxury Metals was established to provide easy access to attractive, high quality, heavy duty exterior metal vents for your residential, multi-family or commercial building. At Luxury Metals, we recognized a need in the market for a higher quality vent than can be typically found at big box or other retailers. Our thick gauge Copper, Stainless Steel and Galvanized outside vent covers provide long lasting durability and attractive accents for your home or building. We sell to individuals, contractors, custom home builders, architects, roofers, remodelers and HVAC installers. Our website is simple and easy to navigate. We recognize customer need for rapid turnaround, so key product offerings are stocked and ship within 6 – 24 hours via UPS, Fed Ex, US Postal or the most efficient method available. All customers will receive an automatic email with shipping details as soon as parts are shipped, to assist with project planning. Our mission is to provide a user friendly website that allows convenient online ordering, quick shipping, superior products and excellent customer service. Luxury Metals maintains the highest degree of confidence in our products and provides an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. All products are American made and quality checked. Our loyal customers appreciate our quality offerings, exceptional customer service and uncommon personal touch in which we conduct business. Thank you for your continued business and support! Any and all feedback is welcome. Sincerely, Dave Brown