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Alex Mauck

Alex Mauck
Owner at Goodman Sanitation (1960 till Current)
90% A
1 reviews
About Me:
Alex has been at this since he was four years old, really, he excels at talking, teaching and mediation for our customers. As to enjoyment, his blue ribbon dogs, horses and learning how to farm and live a sustainable life.


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90% A
Bill w     03/28/2018
Review from: Estacada
I would give no stars but I wanted to make sure this got read. I was completely surprised the other day when i called expecting to get a lovely greeting from Teresa or Joyce, what i got instead was a rude woman when i asked for Teresa or Joyce she that said she didnt know who i was asking for. I then asked if Colbey was still with Goodman and flatly was told he is dead can i help you. Alex i do hope that whatever you've done can be fixed get Teresa and Joyce back and please tell me that what she said about Colbey is a mistake. For now I plan on finding someone else to come take care of our septic system. I am sure after my recent experience that many of your customers are probably doing the same as I am and finding a different company to use.I used to recommend Goodman all the time to anyone who asked now i won't, sad to see that you've let your company become so impersonal and rude.